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01 ACT III, Scene 2, Meet Dina Molly and Newt Scalder, and what % of statistics are made up? I just like playing with the computers. 02 ACT III, Scene 2, It's only been called the "Find The Badguys Institute since the second Roswell landing in '77 stupid. 03 ACT III, Scene 2, I am a Fed. You are one of them aren't you?. 04 ACT III, Scene 2, It is I, Habib, your mystical Arabian psychic advisor. 05 Director's 35: It's not so hard to show up like this! 06 Director's 36: Remote controlled aliens 07 ACT III, Scene 2, Did you just see a dark little man in a bathrobe on the dashboard? Did you?!? 08 ACT III, Scene 2, Use the FARCE. What do you think the chances are that they will just stop for donuts and forget about us for the moment? I'll be bleeped. 09 ACT III, Scene 2, Agent Molly, you frighten me, the cream filled have a secret ingredient put in by aliens that cause college students to get married their senior year. 10 ACT III, Scene 3, Does Harry Neeples speaky English-oh? 11 ACT III, Scene 3, Harry Neeples can give you Tequila. 12 Director's 37: Egpa world news 13 Director's 38: A random comic to our friend stickler 14 ACT III, Scene 3, Are you an evil alien lamely disguised as a Mexican-American? 15 ACT III, Scene 3, Is that a 1973 "El Conquistador" multi-function "largo-grande" brand flan maker with the optional attachment? 16 ACT III, Scene 3, Do you have to practice being this big of a jerk Naked? 17 ACT III, Scene 4, Later, inside "Lobster Alien" Harry Neeples's apartment. 18 ACT III, Scene 4, The truth about Harry and intelligent lobster people. 19 Director's 40 -- Egpa's evil counterpart 20 Director's 41 -- Puppy? 21 ACT III, Scene 4, How many flan could Harry Neeples eat, if Harry Neeples could eat flan? 22 ACT III, Scene 4, Are you eating that? 23 ACT III, Scene 4, Is the truth serum affecting you at all? 24 ACT III, Scene 4, Do you know you are a lot better this way Finkler? 25 Act IV Scene 1: The narrator storms out. 26 Directors 42 -- Egpa needs a job 27 Directors 43 -- "The Director's" will not be seen today due to technical difficulties. 28 ACT IV, Scene 1, Is he really, really smart or really, really stupid? 29 ACT IV, Scene 2, Buck Naked Private Detective Agency. 30 ACT IV, Scene 2, Are you trying to leave a message for Detective Buck Naked? 31 ACT IV, Scene 2, Operator, get me the police, the Lobster Aliens have buck naked strapped to a table and are doing evil things to him.